Speech of H.S.H. the Prince

Presentation of the commemorations

Speech of H.S.H. the Prince
Presentation of the commemorations
of Prince Rainier III in 2023
Palace of Monaco, September 28th 2022


Mr. Minister,

My lord,

Mr. President of the National Council,

Mr. President of the Crown Council,

Madam Secretary of State,

Madam, Gentlemen, Government Councillors-Ministers,

Mr. Mayor,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends,


I am pleased to welcome you to the Palace for a meeting that I wanted to organize in the place that was once the home of my father Prince Rainier III, since he was born there on May 31, 1923, almost a hundred years ago.

This event was truly historic as there had not been a birth of a future sovereign prince of Monaco in Monaco since 1758 with Honoré IV.

Following a year 2022 which will have been punctuated by the commemorations of the centenary of the death of Prince Albert I, the year 2023 will be marked by the centenary of the birth of Prince Rainier III.

This memorial succession would certainly have pleased him, because he had a particular admiration for the work of his great-grandfather, which he did not fail to transmit to me, as you know.

In order to propose and organize events that will celebrate the memory of my father, I wished the creation of a Commemoration Committee, placed under my Honorary Presidency.

My sister, Princess Stéphanie, is the active President of the company and follows with passion and rigor the good execution of the decisions taken.

I hope that the tributes that will be paid to Prince Rainier III will allow us to better understand the man who devoted fifty-six years of his life to the service of the Principality, but also his actions, in all their diversity.

For the term "Prince Builder" seems a bit simplistic if we only give it the meaning of builder. A builder in all fields, Prince Rainier III has, in fact, many achievements to his credit: modern institutions, a diversified economy, an ambitious policy of territorial development and extension, initiatives in the cultural, scientific and environmental fields and - perhaps most importantly - increased Monegasque sovereignty.

We must remember that when he came to the throne in 1949, he inherited a principality with an aging economy and development model.

With patience and determination, he managed, with a constancy of thought and a sense of adaptation, to overcome all the challenges that were presented to him: the constitutional question, the relations with France, the relations with the Société des Bains de Mer.

His hard work and the clarity of his insights have enabled him to make Monaco a modern, dynamic state that is resolutely open to the world and has its place on the international scene.

In 2023, we will also celebrate two other important anniversaries, which is quite symbolic: the 30th anniversary of Monaco's admission to the United Nations and the 50th anniversary of the Fontvieille quay.

Father of the Monegasque people for 56 years, Prince Rainier III was also a loving, caring and attentive family man.

My thoughts are also with my mother, Princess Grace, who, while fully assuming her role as a family pillar, has constantly helped our father in his duties as head of state.

I also do not forget the role that Prince Rainier had in my formation, by transmitting to me, from my youngest years, all the knowledge necessary to assume the functions which are mine today.

Even though I myself have had to chart the course since 2005, I often refer to his example and his thinking, wondering what his analysis and solutions might have been. This spirit of continuity and stability is fundamental for a country like ours.

This is an opportunity for me to remind you of the importance of remaining a close-knit community, marked by a team spirit, solidarity, but above all integrity and exemplarity.

I hope that the year 2023 will allow everyone, in Monaco and beyond, to express their attachment and gratitude to Prince Rainier III.

I have every confidence in Princess Stéphanie to combine, through the initiatives she will take, conviviality and knowledge, by turning particularly to the new generations, those who could not know our father.

Thank you.